Learning the ways of the city

My better half’s perky internal clock has him up at 5 a.m. doing battle with our european kitchen to make tea and toast. He emerges victorious, his bread toasted on one side. I enter my own battle with the shower with a set of taps that confound me. No matter what combination I try, the water pours out blazing hot. The taps are placed in such a way as to ensure the erstwhile bather gets an early soaking. Eventually I emerge victoriously clean and slightly scalded. We gaze out the window at Abbey Road and see men cleaning the streets with brooms and bins on bikes. A bit later we see a motorized street cleaner driving by. Now we understand why this huge city teeming with activity and packed with people stays so clean and tidy.

Our flat is to the left of the church – unique!

Yesterday we toured Kew Gardens – an enormous landscaped tract of land in the middle of the city. Today we are off to see Parliament, that bastion of great debate. More on that and our other adventures later!

Street cleaners on Abbey Road, London

3 thoughts on “Learning the ways of the city

  1. Louise! Thank you so much for including me in your loverly blog!! Hope you are having a grand time and look forward to reading all your gracious prose:) Cheers to you!!! Carrie

  2. Good up hear you’ve arrived safe and sound! Enjoy your half toasted bread, lots of cream cakes and the English hospitality!! Will enjoy the blog and follow along as you have your adventures!! Hugs to both. Mel

  3. Hi Louise & John, I was so thrilled to get your news and pleased to know you arrived safely in my birthplace. I missed your departure date (sorry) as had planned to call you before you left. Have a wonderful trip and keep me posted. Really had a good giggle about the taps. You should try the french taps here, it’s a real who’s who and what is where situation! Love & hugs, Lynny XX

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