A love story unfolds

A tea shop in Rye, full of cakes and cream!
 My better half has fallen deeply and irrevocably in love with Hot Sticky Toffee Pudding, garnished with vanilla ice cream. As he consumed this British confection, he made such soulful remarks as, “Wow, why don’t we have this back home?” and “We have to get a British cookbook!”

It’s all part of his effort to experience full cultural immersion via cuisine. This has led to his discovery that, in England, not all puddings are dessert. At a York bed and breakfast he got quite edgy in his selections, sampling Black Pudding for breakfast. The ingredients are pretty simple: pig’s blood and herbs. (Aagh!) He took a couple of courageous bites as I looked on in disgust.

That adventure makes an earlier choice of kippers – salty smoked fish – and eggs for breakfast seem almost mundane. He ate the entire serving as I tried to concentrate on my porridge (oatmeal).

We notice that baked beans and/or mushy peas (just as they sound) seem to be available with pretty much anything, up to and including lasagna. Umm, lasagna and baked beans? And, everywhere in England, the ubiquitous chips (French fries) are available. They are very good and quite addictive. In the end, we don’t really have to worry about strange flavors because anything and everything is washed down with cups and cups of tea.

My better half has video footage of tea shop display windows with their array of sweet cakes and other goodies. It’s a love story in the making, or should I say baking.

English humor in signage

All I could do was laugh and take the picture!


2 thoughts on “A love story unfolds

  1. I think this is my new recipe to perfect for my brother in law. I love Hot Stick Toffee Pudding and done right it is heavenly. I will work on it! My other brother in law has my perfected Rum Cake after a trip to the West Indies!! Bring on the baking …. To be continued.

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