A Caribbean moment

View from our Cayman condo - West Bay area
View from our Cayman condo – West Bay area

Gentle breezes, blue sky with wandering clouds reaching toward bluer water with translucent green highlights… we have arrived in the Cayman Islands. We’ve only been here two days but already I’ve removed my watch and when someone asks me what time it is, I proclaim that I don’t know – with a smile.

The biggest decision we need to make each day is where to snorkel and how many times to get in the pool. Tough vacation. The weather is nudging up to perfect. We were told a norwester storm was on its way and that we should expect cloudy days and rain. So far, no rain. No storm. Sun, sun, sun. So much that we stay out of the sun at midday.

We are staying a a condo community with access to the water and we’ve been for several snorkels and dives, depending on who is in the water. Speaking of the water, it is the temperature of a cool bath. Absolutely lovely.

Today we drove around the island. For being very small – about 22 miles by 9 miles – it takes us quite some time to travel the full scope. We visited Rum Point, which looks like a postcard. We saw hilarious signs – funny to us – advertising all kinds of things. The best one was “Two jerks for the price of one.” Only those in the know would understand this is referencing a dish, Jerk Chicken. We all had a big laugh.

We went to see one of my brother-in-law’s sculptures later today and discovered that there is a big local celebration happening tomorrow, Monday. Heroes Day. And lo and behold, we ran into the coordinator of the entire day, who insisted that Simon attend the morning kickoff, which comes complete with the governor of the Cayman Islands. So we are all tagging along as his “artiste entourage” in the morning. Should be fun!

Postcard view at Rum Point
Postcard view at Rum Point



Typical Caribbean humor about hurricanes.
Typical Caribbean humor about hurricanes.

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