Ecco Roma!

Next street over from ours

(Here is Rome!)

Staying in Rome is a full-on sensory experience. Any big city will immerse visitors in its own bold expression of life, but Rome was unique to my North American perceptions. It is just different from anything in my experience: the palette of warm colors; the buildings and architectural style; the exotic-looking trees; the hordes of

The Tiber River after a rainstorm

tourists intermingled with crowds of Italians; the streets, so narrow in old parts of Rome; the lava rock cobblestones; the traffic (crazy, wild free-for-all!); the language; the layers of history; the never-ending graffiti; the amazingly tasty food; the sound of the birds; the stylish clothes; even the sky hue and tone.

As a traveler I was submerged in another world.  Some of the photos featured on this page reflect my discoveries and delights. They don’t represent all of my experiences,

Cell phone break

such as riding on Rome’s bus and metro (subway) system, which I shall fervently avoid on any other trips. Nor riding on trains transformed by a complete covering of graffiti – even the windows – that made me feel like I was part of an angrily weird living art installation. Or trying to walk quickly on cobblestones that over the years have arranged

Camouflaged  doorway

themselves according to the whims of the heaving, changing earth below.

Around almost every corner was something stunningly old, beautiful or colorful. Our group had a rich and busy itinerary that took us to places that continually astonished me. I simply ran out of words to describe the impact. Toward the end of my visit, my senses were on overload, my feet ached and I was

People walk, bicycles ride, and scooters and cars drive up and down this lane. Really.

exhausted from the miles of walking in heat and humidity. But I came home richer as a traveler, a writer and a human being. And I made some new friends!

All of the photos featured here were taken within a few blocks of where I stayed in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome.

Trees parade by the Tiber River
View from our kitchen at sunset

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